Naturopaths on Vaccines

                  There’s often the great misconception that naturopaths are against vaccination. This is a very dangerous and unscientific stance to be taken by any health practitioner, let alone a naturopathic doctor with eight years of scientific study and research under their belt. Neither from the stand-point of our professional regulatory bodies, nor from our educational institutions has such a stance ever been taken.

                 Where we do stand however is with regards to informed decisions regarding vaccinations. Whether one chooses to vaccinate their child (only a number of vaccines, delayed schedule, all as scheduled) or not, it’s important that whatever decision is made, is made by aware individuals rather than through ignorance of the hazards and influenced solely by the weight of authority. Parents who accept the responsibility for refusing to have their children immunized are also bound to accept responsibility for maintaining their children’s diet and well-being, in such a manner that will enable them to withstand infection and cope with it should it occur, without untoward problems. If a decision is made to immunize, it should also be accompanied by positive action in health enhancement, by nutritional excellence, etc., in order to minimize any possible side-effects.

                 If you have any questions with regards to this topic, please feel free to email me @ Or leave a -completely anonymous should you wish- comment below to further discuss the issues involved. Look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Naturopaths on Vaccines

  1. Anonymous says:

    This subject is always debated among my close friends and family… I’d be grateful if you could please provide some pros and cons to a few common vaccines?

    Thanks in advance!

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