Jelly Beans Made a Canadian Man Deathly Ill


licorice candy bad for high blood pressure

And that is why we naturopaths do not take Herbal Medicine lightly. Why we study herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture for four years after our science-based university level undergrad. We have pharmacists who dispense drugs & pharmaceuticals and we have naturopaths who dispense herbal medicines & nutraceuticals. They both have their justified and much needed uses in health and medicine.

However, just as you would not self-prescribe medicine, you should not self-prescribe herbs or nutraceuticals either! Funny enough, this adverse effect came from a candy and not even a potent extraction of licorice, hence it is quite a good warning to those who self prescribe herbs.

Just because it’s herbal does not mean it is safe for all!

To confirm this man’s experience with too much licorice, it is a known fact that licorice raises blood pressure. Licorice root has very potent corticosteroid-like properties and can very much help boost and strengthen adrenals and thus it is herb that is frequently added to botanical tinctures.

Herbal Medicine Uses of Licorice Root

However, as every naturopath knows, it is never prescribed without a full medical history case-taking and physical examination and knowledge of the patients heart and blood pressure functioning.

So, please remember, the internet is full of ‘medical advice’ and although some can be very helpful, more often than not the medical advice given is not only lacking science but it can be outright dangerous for your specific health concerns to follow such general ‘fluff’ advice.

I call them ‘fluff’ because they generally make very ‘fluffy’ and almost magical promises that could only be found in la-la land where unicorns live and houses are made of pink cotton candy!

Yours in health,

Dr. Negin


Curious about the herbal medicinal uses of Licorice Root? Please refer to my posts here and here AND remember to consult your health care provider and/or naturopath prior to use!


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