FIVE Reasons You Should NOT See a Naturopath!

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I often struggle in explaining what Naturopathic medicine is. And so I thought I would list the top 5 rules naturopaths do not typically practice by! Here is to more clarity -hopefully! Let me know what you think… 🙂

  1. It is not: “I either take the mainstream medicine route or the ‘natural’/’alternative route'” (ND’s practice integrative medicine)
  2. It is not going to address your symptoms one by one with a preset protocol (hence individualized medicine)
  3. It is not a magic bullet or a quick fix by any means (if it has taken you years to come to this point of unbalance or dis-ease, you need to be patient with your body through its healing process)
  4. It is not: “Doctor, where do you stick the acupuncture needles for anxiety? And can you do a couple for my muscle pain as well?” (this one I will clarify: acupuncture treatments address the whole body so when you receive an acupuncture treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or a Naturopath (as opposed to a Chiropractor* or Physiotherapist*) you’re going to have it ALL addressed).
  5. It is not: going to cause tension, anxiety, be uncomfortable or result in undesirable side-effects (I practice by the Naturopathic oath of “First, do no harm”).

Hope you find this list helpful. If you’ve been wondering what Naturopaths do and what you can expect from a Naturopathic treatment, the best way to learn what we’re all about is to see one!

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Yours In Health,

Dr. Negin, ND

*Chiropractors & physiotherapists practice ‘Medical Acupuncture’ which is a simplified version of using the acupuncture technique but usually to only address muskuloskeletal issues

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