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This program is for you, if you:

Are ready to put fads aside and address your weight-loss holistically (mind-body)

Want to get your high cholesterol, blood pressure & diabetes  under control

Want to get in shape without revamping your whole pantry

Have yo-yo dieted for too long and are ready for lasting change

Get Coached To Achieve Your Ideal Body Composition with the Support of Naturopathic Medicine
Program Includes: Information sessions & One-on-One Naturopathic Visits
Uncover the root cause of your body composition issues and address any underlying medical conditions , and more…

A Weight Management & Lifestyle Coaching Program


Designed to improve your health and reduce risk factors. For those committed to losing weight and improving their health. You’ll receive one-on-one support, education, motivation & practical tools to help you Achieve Your Best Self!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

The Support You Need to Succeed

Firstly, studies have shown that regardless of diet (paleo, low-fat, low-sugar, etc), the determining factor over significant weight-loss is SUPPORT! Secondly, one of the first steps to CHANGE where HABITS are concerned is having the information required to make appropriate CHANGE HAPPEN.

SUPPORT & sensible scientific INFORMATION gives your efforts a focused direction leading to efficacy. Here is a basic outline of what will be covered in visits and your weekly information sessions:

  • Get to the root cause of your body composition issues

  • Learn to eat and shop for nutritious foods that manage cravings

  • Improve sleep and learn research backed techniques that effectively help you cope with unhealthy stress

  • Build muscle and get rid of unwanted fat by exercising smart

  • Receive individualized prescriptions for Herbal & Nutraceutical weight-loss aids

  • Gain a better understanding -pro’s and con’s- of weight-loss fads & diet trends

    Armed with the above, your efforts will focus on scientifically proven tactics and narrowed to the most efficient steps required for CHANGE! You’ll slowly (I’ll not downplay the initial challenge and inertia that you’ll be met with) begin to realize the ease with which your lifestyle flows.

As important as nutrition is to good health, diet is only one aspect crucial to effective weight loss. The old science of <calories-in:calories-out is no longer valid as there are a multitude of factors that determine body composition. These factors will be addressed in your naturopathic visits on an individualized basis!
 Through-out the program, we will only refer to “fat-loss” as opposed to “weight-loss” as a healthy body is NOT defined by the # on the scale!

Is your health holding you back?

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After years of struggling with my Body Composition (i.e. weight) and finally settling at my healthy set-point, I’ve understood the various aspects that influence food intake, energy expenditure, and the emotional aspect of eating. Part of the solution to my struggles was knowledge! Sifting through the various fads was the most challenging part of the struggle as I tried diet after diet and read through all kinds of books & studies! It however, brought me to the point I am at now where I know what works and what doesn’t -for myself and for most! Because, truthfully, as individual and unique as we each are, we are all more alike than we are different. My genetic make-up in comparison to yours is a 99.9% match. And so, apart from our 0.1% idiosyncrasies and genetic differences that may predispose us to certain medical conditions, the basic requirements we each have with regards to nutrition are 99.9% the SAME! The trouble is that, our current North American Standard Diet as well as the myriad of fads out there makes us believe our individuality far outweighs the similarities and so our weight problems would resolve only once we find THAT RIGHT diet or Program. However, what I’ve realized is that BECAUSE we are more alike than different, there are certain tactics for addressing body fat that are universal. Learning those and utilizing them was my first step to making the baby steps required to be at MY BEST! And so my hope is to help you  decipher through the fog of nutritional fads and find a truly lasting holistic change that will ease your struggles with weight and end yo-yo dieting.

Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada (1). Studies have shown that modifiable behavioural factors contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease. Guidelines by the American Heart Association and the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommend lifestyle interventions as an important part of cardiovascular disease prevention (2,3). Although the importance of lifestyle intervention is widely recognized, few individuals with, or at risk of, cardiovascular disease receive intensive dietary and lifestyle counselling.

Naturopathic doctors in North America are trained and regulated practitioners who emphasize this form of self-directed care. As according the the American Heart Association, the “prime emphasis in management of the metabolic syndrome per se is to mitigate the modifiable, underlying risk factors (obesity, physical inactivity, and atherogenic diet) through lifestyle changes. … Then, if absolute risk is high enough, consideration can be given to incorporating drug therapy to the regimen” (2).

Naturopathic Doctors providing in-depth counselling around diet and lifestyle are uniquely poised to help comanage metabolic risk factors. As well, naturopathic care is a feasible and effective adjunct to usual medical care in reducing the incidence of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk (4).

A study printed in the Canadian Medical Association’s Journal endorses the addition of Naturopathic Care for cardiovascular disease risk reduction -especially among those at high risk.
 As well, according to the American Heart Association, the “prime emphasis in management of the [diseases associated with increased body fat] is to mitigate the modifiable, underlying risk factors (obesity, physical inactivity, and atherogenic diet) through lifestyle changes.”
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Costs covered by extended health plans covering Naturopathic Doctor Visits. [Worried you may have to pay out of pocket? Call your benefits company and ask: how much money you get per year? How much money per visit (usually a number or a percentage)? Do your benefits go from January to December or September to August, or? Do you have a health spending account (for lab tests like the Food Sensitivity Test)?]

Option 1:

 6 One-on-one naturopathic visits, 6 weekly information sessions

Cost – $510

Option 2:

Option 1 PLUS: 8 Acupuncture* sessions

Cost – $760

** Acupuncture has been indicated by the World Health Organization to be an effective means of addressing fat-loss through it’s benefits on stress, insomnia, gynecological and gastrointestinal conditions.

Option 3:

Program tailored to your individual needs (some individuals find that after 3 one-on-one visits, they have a good grasp of the concepts and are well under way while others requiring further support choose to continue program beyond 6 one-on-one visits).

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