Naturopathic Treatment of Anxiety


Anxiety -as with any other health condition- could arise from one or more causative factors. Be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Likewise, its treatment also requires a holistic approach.

Naturopathic Doctors are in a unique position in helping their patients address their anxiety; they are trained not just in the medical sciences but also have extensive training in nutrition, traditional medicines and health psychology!

This holistic view of the body and its health allows them to look at the body as a whole as opposed to looking at each organ system individually and as separate from the rest. As an example, you may have heard of the significant connection between the gut and the brain.

Hence the healthy functioning of the whole is dependent on the healthy functioning of all its parts!

Here are some examples in relation to anxiety:

  1. A thyroid gland dsyfunction leading to either an overproduction or insufficient hormone production would cause anxiety or fatigue respectively.
  2. The production of hormones responsible for a calm mind & resilient body requires certain micronutrients -their deficiency could then translate to physiological malfunction experienced as anxiety.
  3. Over-consumption of certain food groups (certain grains & dairy) for individuals with those specific food sensitivities would lead to immune dysfunction; translating to inflammation -in the brain experienced as brain fog.

How Would a Naturopath Discover the Root Cause of Anxiety & Treat it?

Upon a thorough health intake (medical and family history), assessing all bodily signs and symptoms, physical exam and laboratory analysis as needed, a diagnosis is made from which a comprehensive treatment plan is devised.

Your treatment plan may involve one or more of the following routes of treatment:gratitude mindfulness quote

  1. Lifestyle Counseling
  2. Herbal Medicine
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Dietary Modification
  5. Nutritional Supplementation
  6. Referral to other health care practitioners

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